Sunday, 29 January 2012

Blue Shoes

I wanted to show you these vintage Christian Louboutins. Midnight blue fabric with a low heel, size 38. But these aren't ordinary Louboutins. Their previous owner was Elizabeth Taylor.

The shoes were Lot 1788 in the recent Christie's online auction of Taylor's possessions. In a mad romantic gesture my other half secretly entered the bidding fray, deciding this was a one-off and an heirloom.... He likes to think of David Beckham bidding online somewhere and being disappointed to lose out (though these heels would be a little low for his wife). I was blown away by it all. Elizabeth Taylor was a figure of such passion and character – somehow I can't imagine a current actress inspiring such fascination, even those who are lauded for their fashion sense. I watched Giant a few weeks ago and her presence on screen was just magnetic. To own even a pair of wellies she'd once stepped out in would be a thrill!

It feels rather strange and magical to hold them and think of the hands that held them last – and to try and imagine the vast and treasure-filled wardrobe they used to live in (a far cry from mine, I can tell you!). I'd love to know more about when they were made and worn - for some reason I think the 1990s (Louboutin opened his first boutique in 1992). They look to me like they were hand-made, to go with a particular outfit for a one-off occasion, perhaps – they are barely worn, their red soles immaculate. I've contacted Louboutin's head office to try and find out.

So the question is whether to put them up on a shelf, and keep them pristine for my daughter one day – or to enjoy them to the full, as they're my size. It feels a little cavalier to actually wear them. But the temptation is to walk tall – what better way to channel the feisty spirit of Elizabeth Taylor on a day when you're feeling a little timid....


  1. Sarah how absolutely wonderful to have these shoes. Enjoy them Bx

  2. Wear them everyday, with everything and feel fab!J

  3. Sarah, I found your blog the other day and have gone through all the back posts: it's a great read. I only wish you posted more frequently as I've no more to read now...As for the shoes - wear them! I really believe everything should be used and from what you've written you'd get such a lift every time you put them on.Lucky you.What a lovely partner you have.Sue

    1. What a lovely message Sue, thank you. It will inspire me to post more often... Makes all the difference to know you are reading. Sarah

  4. These are beautiful! Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm getting on really well with the Full Repair range and I'm going back to Claridge's for afternoon tea in a few weeks as I was so impressed! I haven't been to Canteen yet, but was really impressed by their menu so will be popping back when I'm next in Covent Garden. Lovely to hear from you and hope you are well