Thursday, 22 March 2012

Here comes the summer....

Just had a preview of the summer collection from Chanel, launching 25 May. Here's a little peek....

Pretty doesn't begin to cover it. Particularly lovely is the limited edition 'Holiday' nail varnish in bright orangey-red, together with lip gloss to match. It's a really zingy colour that stands out brilliantly against dark colours and will look fabulous with a tan (fake, of course). Anything take your fancy?


  1. Hi Sarah ... it must have been lovely to get a preview of the Chanel summer collection - the colours look lovely. I recently bought a Chanel varnish called May because I loved its oh so subtle pinkness so much. Bx

  2. Hello Sarah,I do love Chanel lipsticks and nail varnishes and feel a sudden urge for deep pink nails; these look very tempting.Definitely doable as a small treat.(I think I'd need to put a bit more thought into a TF purchase.)Sue