Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Night fever

Gatsby Classic Cotton Pyjamas, £100

Love these cool classic pyjamas from www.Poplin.co.uk, which have names like Bardot, Grace and Mitford to channel that idea of timeless beauty and glamour. They're made in India by ex-journalist Lucy Archibald who's now based there, and they're selling out fast – the cool striped nightshirt which has a gorgeously worn quality has already disappeared and we're really hoping they restock soon. This mannish style in midnight blue silk would make the perfect Christmas present....

Audrey Classic Silk Pyjamas, £200 


  1. Well, they're lovely, of course.Definitely special purchase prices.Maybe justifiable on a cost per wear basis though? For everyday I think Toast do very covetable pyjamas (but in flannel so admittedly not quite the same thing as these glamorous sets).xsue

  2. I'm with you - love those flannel Toast ones. The J Crew ones on net-a-porter are great too but pricey again. Silk pyjamas fit that fantasy of sitting around reading books in style... My house is far too cold for that, even if I could afford them! Wishlist only. Thanks for reading Sarahx