Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jean genie

Can I just enthuse about some black trousers? Skinny yet stretchy, these J Brand black trousers in luxe Japanese twill are more luxurious than any kind of jeans I’ve ever tried on. If you're someone who has always played it safe in boot-cut or loose flarey jeans, maybe now's the time to try something a bit sleeker. Because a slick pair of great-fitting slim black trousers looks great with everything from a black jacket to a long casual top or a shift dress, and with Converse through to high heels. These J Brands just feel like the perfect shape for now – long, slim and supremely soft, with hidden zips at the ankles. And as they sit higher on the waist they have the un-fashiony advantage of being fantastically comfortable to wear (rather than cutting in to your hips).

They are pricey (£190). Sure, there are cheaper versions on the high street. But these will look and feel better for far longer. They feel rather Balmain in their luxe slinkiness. And I could ramble on further about ‘cost per wear’ but you get the picture. And they are way sexier than all these tracksuit trousers and harem pants that every high-street store and magazine is plugging at the moment – let’s be honest, these shapes are not designed to flatter anyone. You can buy J Brand direct from the States via their website or from www.shopbop.com for half the price (though be aware of import tax costs on top).

Cheaper alternatives include M&S’s black skinny biker jeans (the longer length is best), which are selling fast online at £39. It’s been a few decades since I’d actively choose to wear M&S trousers so either things are getting better over there, or I'm showing my age...


  1. can't wait to get a pair of the j Brand black skinnies....can you really wear them at over 40 ??

  2. Definitely - they're slinky and flattering. Reckon it pays to buy less, but buy better as the years tick by... a pair of great trousers means you can carry off a whole load of cheaper tops. Thanks for your comment - Sarah.